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The Process

Every tile tells a story.

As an artist with over thirty years of experience, my hope is to use what I have learned to celebrate life and legacy by capturing your favorite memory on a handmade terra cotta clay tile.

Each tile is handcrafted from a block of clay. Your tile goes through three separate firings in my kilns at temperatures reaching 1800°F. The first firing creates the tile. Once the tile is created, it is glazed by hand with an opaque white glaze and fired a second time to create the glossy white canvas.

To prepare your photo for the transfer process, the image is edited digitally to create an artist’s rendition.

During the third and final firing, your image undergoes a chemical process. When exposed to such extreme heat inside the kiln, the image binds to the glaze to create a unique likeness of your favorite photo that will last forever. The image is sepia in tone and imperishable after firing.

From start to finish, the process takes around 2 weeks to complete. 

The tile may be hung with a plate hanger or placed on a plate display easel.

Some of the oldest pieces of art known to man are made from clay. Enjoy your special memory for years to come.

Crafted with care by,

Sabrina Armstrong